Toni’s Lighting Factory manufactures innovative, unique, stylish and funny lighting fixtures of recycled materials.

Every piece at Toni’s Lighting Factory is hand-made by Toni of carefully selected items found from second hand shops.

Every piece also has it’s own story to tell because the items are all pre-owned.

The story:

Toni’s Lighting Factory started in the fall of 2016 when Toni found an ugly lamp from a flea market for three euros. It was on old Finnish glass design classic, Dice Bottle, that had been modified into a lamp and which had the ugliest shade Toni had ever seen. So he decided to give the lamp a total makeover because he felt the beautiful bottle deserved a better outfit than the one it was wearing. And what do you know! After a bit of struggle finding the right materials the makeover was a great success and Toni started to keep an eye on everything that either reflects or surpasses light or works as a lamp base.

Toni is a passionate collector of toys and kitsch and regularly visits second-hand stores and flea markets looking for new inspiration to his life. With his mind set on the “I’m gonna make a lamp”-mode new lamp ideas just started to flood his head and as an artist Toni had no other choice but to go with the flow and start making the lamps by giving the old, obsolete objects a new life.

So, Toni’s Lighting Factory was born. Every piece is a unique, hand-crafted work of art. Every lamp is also carefully manufactured for electricity safety reasons. They come with CE-approval.

Lighting design can be funny too!

Although Toni’s Lighting has been operating for just a little over a year it has achieved success in the field of design. Last september in Habitare home design fair Toni won the grand price of pitching course and competition. Toni participated the course to learn about design marketing. The pitching had to be performed live in front of the jury and the audience and both were so excited about the idea and concept that Toni returned to the factory as the winner! Who knows what happens next? It is obivous though that people love Toni’s creations!



Let’s see… Light. In new light!