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Toni’s Lighting Factory visits the pond of postmodernism again!

80’s  is one of my favourite eras because it had it all: bright colours, wild forms and it was a lot of fun. This piece is made of lamp stand, red shade and an old Swatch telephone handle. I bought it from a fleamarket because I collect old telephones and it looked really cool. It was originally a double phone where two people could speak at one end of the line simultaneously. I almost did not make a lamp out of it because I liked the item so much but in the end I could not resist and I slaughtered the telephone.

Anyway, it did not die in vain! As you can see: the result is simply stunning with style! Just like the 80’s! It also has one the features that Toni’s Lighting Factory is so proud to present in may of it’s designs: it looks different from different angles. It is something you rarely see in modern lighting fixture design.

Height: 45 cm

Price includes VAT 24%



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