Red Ericsson


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The Granny telephone!

Ericsson is a Swedish telephone manufacturer that used to make these rotary dial telephones in the past. I guess this model originates from the 1960’s. It has a very distinctive design and I call these telephones Granny phones because my father’s and mother’s grandparents both had this telephone model in their homes. The colours were not this bright, though. They were dark purple. This telephone came in many colours and purple and green were the most common. I think that in Finland these telephones were sold like in tens of thousands. It was so common even in the eighties when the tone dial phones started to take over. I have seen this red version only twice and I bought them instantly. Actually I have one here in my home because I really love telephones and I want to have them as a part of my home decoration. This piece was turned into a lamp though, because I already had the red one.

I think it turned out to be a fantastic piece of lighting. The idea is striking and simple and works just great. I saved the mechanism of the dial so you can actually play like you were calling someone. Maybe to your grandma?

It comes with a white changeable shade. Please note the small crack on the right side of the body I repaired with a cheramic mass.

Height: 57 cm (with the shade)


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