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Come on! Do the Locomotion!

I used to travel a lot by train when I traveled from Oulu to Helsinki and back here in Finland. I have many nice memories of trains.

I also have some horrible memories of trains, especially the night trains that I used to take sometimes. It was almost impossible to get any sleep in the regular car because of the extremely uncomfortable chairs and sometimes you even had to be scared of the drunken midde-aged men running aroung the train. In their underwear! Well, the times have changed. If I have to travel by night I take a bed in the sleeping car.

“Locomotion” is made of an old toy train that can be taken into pieces and put together again. I think it looks just incredible with the light coming out the chimney!

Choo, choo!

Height: 33,5 (with the bulb)

Length: 35 cm

Width: 18 cm


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