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Ladybirds are just adorable!

Really, I don’t like insects at all but ladybirds are the most adorable creatures because they look so lovely! So, when I saw this cihldren’s toy at a garage sale some years ago I just had to buy it even though it was quite expensive. Anyway, I never had any regrets.

Some time ago I realised that Ladybird surpasses light and then I got the idea of making a lamp out of it. I also had this metallic lamp stand and when the two of them met for the first time it was pure magic! The way the Ladybird sits on top of the bulb looks just so locical. That’s what ladybirds do, fly around and then rest on a rock before the next adventure. Here the combination makes a fantastic piece of lighting at Toni’s Lighting Factory!

This piece is also highly unique because the original toy is extremely rare. I guess it was made somewhere in the East Block in the 70’s.

Height: 47 cm


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