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Welcome to the cabaret!

I bought the materials for this piece from a 79-year old lady in Uusikaupunki. She had a garage sale at her home because she was going to move to a new place in a couple of weeks. We talked a lot about life and things during my visit. She had a hippish style and I guess she had a lot of fun in the swinging 60’s. She was the kind of person that I like. Straghtforward and unique.
She asked me to come and visit her again just to meet and talk. I agreed. How could I have said no when she told me that it is so nice to have young, handsome men visiting her?
Three weeks later my spouse told me about a fire that took place in the center of Uusikaupunki. The houses there are mostly old wooden houses and they catch fire very easily. About a couple of months before my visit a house just across the street to her house had burned totally down.
Now it was her turn. Her house had burned the night before in a fire that started from a break in the chimney. The lady perished in the fire and I never got to meet that wonderful person again.
This lamp stands as the proud memory that I have of her. She bought the pink champange cooler from West-Germany in the 1980’s on one of her journeys around the world. I don’t know the rest of the story and I never will. This piece srands as a tribute to her.
Height: 159 cm
Price includes VAT 24%


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