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Boy, oh boy!

Isn’t this the cutest Boy you’ve ever seen?

Bilora was a German camera manufacturer that started operating post-war. They wanted to make it to the Western market so they named this camera simply “Boy” as you can see in the front panel. I think it bears a strinking resemblance to the Boy London -trademark that started a fashion phenomena in the UK in the 1980’s. Even Pet Shop Boys’ Chris Lowe wore the cap with the Boy logo. I used to have Boy London suspenders in the 90’s and I am sad that I lost them somewhere on the way. Luckily I have a crazy collection of 90’s beltbags to compensate that loss!

Well, here we have this cute, historical camera turned into a stunningly beautiful lighting fixture that you can put on the table or on the shelve. Or then carry it around with you!

Just joking!

Height: 27 cm (with the shade)



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