Blue Grate


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Shadows of industrialism! On your own wall!

“Blue Grate” is the sibling of Toni’s Lighting Factory’s earlier work, “Grate”. It was saved to a new life from the collection of a collector (hoarder) here in Helsinki, Finland. I went to see a sofa he had to sell but ended up buying other stuff because the sofa was the wrong shade of red. Well, I bought two of these weird grates and here they are now! Turned into fantastic art works that radiate light and send an amazing shadow around them.

I have no idea what this grate used to be. Maybe a part of some ventilation system in some building or what ever. I think it origitinates from the 1940’s or the 1950’s. You can imagine what it used to be or then just enjoy the beautiful light it creates! This piece is also one the most unique pieces available at Toni’s Lighting Factory. It is very difficult to reproduce because you just don’t find these things anywhere. Beauty can be a rare thing!

Height: 23,5 cm


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