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Feel like shopping?

This piece is another fine example of Toni’s Lighting Factory’s principals that almost anything can be a lamp! I bought this shopping basket from a recycling center because I really liked it’s 80’s vintage style. It looks kind of bold for a shopping basket and not like the more rounded models we see today. Of course it’s logical because the 80’s were the era of boldness: you really had to use your shoulder toppings to move on back then!

The idea was ridiculous at first but when I attached the basket to the lamp holder and stand it all made sense. “Basket” became an independent work of art that stands very proud on it’s single foot and reminds us about the never ending happiness of buying. We are living in a material world, after all!

Aren’t we?

You can adjust the position of the basket turning the mechanism of the stand to give the basket different poses!

Height: 138 cm


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